The club organization occurred in the 1940's by individuals who recognized the need for a location for trap shooting, and a safe place for bench target shooting.
In 1953 SWSC began hosting its annual Turkey Shoot, which is held in the fall, and continues to present day. The Turkey Shoot brings together all shooting; rifles (running deer) and trap shoot.

In 1960 it was decided that the club needed a "gathering place." A one-room building was moved from Lancaster, WI to Potosi, WI to be used for a clubhouse. In 1965 the one-room building was relocated and an 8' x 30' trailer was moved in to take its place. In 1975, through the generous donations of members, a clubhouse was built.

In 2000, SWSC purchased the land on which the clubhouse is located. In 2003, SWSC held it's first Club Improvement Banquet. Since that time, the money raised from the Banquets have been used for an addition to the clubhouse, repairs and remodeling of the existing clubhouse, a new well and septic, a new storage building (also used for indoor archery), and purchased additional land to extend our rifle range. We now have three rifle shooting benches, including one for 300 yards. Each year we also sponsor a $500 College Scholarship for local graduations Seniors.

We also have a youth and beginners shoot free of charge for anyone that wants to learn to shoot trap, and host the hunter's safety courses.

Southwest Wisconsin Sportsmen's Club